Using QR codes in real estate

If you live outside of Japan and don’t know about QR code you are not alone. They are effectively a new form of the standard bar codes that we all see at supermarkets everyday. The essential difference is that a QR code can contain a lot more information than a standard barcode and it has evolved into main stream use.

In Japan you will see QR code on posters, magazines, bus timetables, busines cards and so on. So what do they look like and how are they used?

Here is our Brightfox QR code

QR Code for Brightfox
QR Code for Brightfox

If you had a QR code reader, this image would tell you one thing – namely our website address –

So if you have a QR code reader on your mobile phone you can simply take a picture of the above QR code and your phone will then popup our website address and a prompt as to whether you would like to visit the wesbite. Pretty cool I think you would agree.

So what possible uses does this technology have in the real estate sector?

Here are a few ideas that we are working on here at Brightfox:

– insert the QR code on signage so that a prospect can be taken direct to the property or project website. This is particularly useful if you have a mobile phone ready website. Prospects can be standing outside a home and be browsing images and descriptions immediately.

– place a QR code on your business card. This is particularly beneficial if you are doing business in Asia as it provides an easy means to grab your essential details.

– use a QR code in advertising, whether in newspapers or magazines. For example, why not insert a QR code into advertisements for First Home Buyers that takes them to a unique website that enables them to register for a special offer. You capture the prospects details and hit the target audience with a technical wow that really makes you stand out.

If you would like to learn more about QR code and how you can use them in promoting property, give us a call.

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