Brightfox wins Master Builders Association Export Award 2008


Press Release


 Brightfox took home the Master Builders Australia National Building & Construction Export Award for Excellence 2008 in Canberra last Friday night.  Held at Parliament House, the Master Builders Australia Export Award for Building and Construction Contractors or Services, recognizes the Australian business which demonstrates the most outstanding contribution to the Export industry in Australia.


Brightfox, an IT company which specializes in software solutions for the property industry both in Australia and internationally, won the Export Award for its outstanding work in the United Arab Emirates. Specifically the Award recognizes Brightfox’s rapid growth in a number of international markets over the past few years, and in particular, Brightfox’s expansion in the United Arab Emirates.


Brightfox has a network of Certified Partners that is selling and supporting its products in markets around the world. Its market leading software, foxEnterprise, which manages the complete sales, marketing and administration functions of leading real estate agencies and property developers, is successfully taking on the big US CRM vendors such as Microsoft CRM and Salesforce, and European vendors such as SAP and Netsuite.


“Real estate agents and developers take one look at foxEnterprise and can see immediately why it is better suited to their business than the more generic products. Because of our exclusive industry focus we have become the industry experts on property software”, says Cameron Black, Founder and Managing Director of Brightfox.


With international customers in the UAE, United Kingdom, Ireland, Oman, Jordan, Qatar, Cypress, France, Vietnam and Vanuatu, Brightfox has been exporting its services for over 4 years.  Based in Brisbane, it has over 200 Australian clients and has been operating for more than 12 years.


Mr Black said he was both surprised and delighted with the Award. 


“Our work has been recognized internationally recently but to be recognized in Australia is so much sweeter. The exporting game is hard work but nonetheless very rewarding.”


Mr Black said Brightfox will continue with its overseas expansion and has his eye on India at present.


“We’re ready to launch in India and we believe that it has huge potential for us”.


For further enquiries please contact Cameron Black on   0419 167 179   or  07… or visit


Oryx Real Estate Website wins CNBC award for best real estate website!

We are proud to announce that Oryx Corporation have won the prestigious CNBC Award for Best Real Estate Website for the Middle East. The Oryx Corporation website ( incorporates many of the latest Web 2.0 features such as Podcasts, Blogs, RSS, as well as some fantastic improvements on the traditional property website features. For example, their preferred projects section is really quite extraordinary. The effort taken to present these select projects is 2nd to none – particularly for an estate agency.

In addition the Dubai Life magazine is also a very interesting attempt to take a quite quality glossy magazine online. Incorporating editorial and listing, it is a unique experience and one that I think has the potential to extend even further how the interent is used by real estate agents around the world.

Congradulations to our team of designers and developers. This is a fantastic example of the high quality work both Brightfox and our network of Certified Partners do, and it is great to see the client winning awards for our work.