The art of email campaigns

Sending the correct emails to your database is important. In fact, it’s more than important – for many, it’s the lifeblood of their business. Unfortunately, sometimes managing all of those emails can be quite difficult, especially when you take into consideration the pure amount of details property transaction emails can require.

This is where our Campaigns module on BrightfoxCRM steps in.

We’ve made it easier than ever to reach out to, and manage, your databases. In fact, it’s so easy that we use it for our own emails – read on to find out how.


Here’s a basic breakdown of our Campaigns module, as it currently stands: bulk email anyone you have in your database, with just the touch of a button. You can select as many (or as few) as you’d like, and you simply have to select the ‘Email’ button to get into contact.

From there, the world is your oyster: type out a simple email, or use the many merge tags so you barely have to type at all, or paste in a gorgeously designed email from your marketing team. When you’re done, hit send – it’s that simple.

Campaigns isn’t designed to replace your MailChimp or Vision6 email editors. While you certainly can use it for that feature (we do!), it is primarily intended to help you track your correspondence with your database. All emails sent through BrightfoxCRM are automatically logged as an activity and tracked against the relevant contact and/or contract, so you know who you’ve been talking to, and when it happened.

How to use campaigns

Streamlined and simple to use, we know you’ll find sending emails (and tracking their successes) via BrightfoxCRM and the Campaigns module easy to understand.

After selecting the people you wish to contact, open the ‘Email’ screen. From here, you can begin to put your email together. As in the examples below, you might choose to simply send off a brief message to whoever you may be contacting (in the example below, regarding a display suite visit). You might also choose to send an email off to quite a few people, using merge tags to create a personalised look and feel. You might also choose to send off a marketing-approved email template on certain holidays or to announce new projects coming to market.

From here, all you have to do is test (using the helpful ‘Test’ button), or simply send off the email.

If you are bulk emailing a number of people, the system will give you the option to track these emails through the Campaigns module. If you choose this option, you will now be able to track whether your recipients received their email, and when exactly they opened it. This can be particularly useful when contacting buyers or their solicitors regarding contract changes and updates, but it’s also helpful in the day-to-day, giving your salespeople the ability to recognize who is genuinely interested and engaging in your content – and who isn’t even bothering to open your emails.

If you chose to bulk email through Campaigns, you simply have to open the module to see all the relevant information.

Track that email you sent, from start to finish

Clicking on a campaign will allow you to track the basics the emails you sent out. You can see the exact email that person received (especially helpful when you’ve been using merge tags), along with information about when they got the email, when they opened it, and what they clicked on.

See what they got, when they got it, and when they opened it, with just one click

We’re sure that you have existing email marketing software in your business, however, do they integrate with your CRM the way BrightfoxCRM does? What we love about this feature is that your sales staff can manage everything from one platform – no clicking around, or losing things, or forgetting send that email, since the infrastructure is integrated into the CRM they use every day.

BrightfoxCRM is also a lifesaver (and timesaver) for the management team. Your management team don’t have to worry that the sales team are sending the incorrect emails out, as they can create default emails for everyone company-wide to use when responding to particular actions. With seamless, live integration, we give your team the tools they need to succeed in their everyday – no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

If you would like to have a free 20 minute demo of BrightfoxCRM and the campaigns module, please get in contact with us today. The future of proptech is here, and you don’t want your business to miss out.

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