Business Intelligence – Get real time insights into the sales, contracts and marketing activity on your projects

Our new business intelligence tool, Insights, provides uses of the Brightfox CRM suite real time data on the success (or otherwise) of their projects.

Real time analysis on key data is absolutely essential to running a successful property development or project marketing business, and our Insights BI software gives you this.

Insights will provide you with real time graphs or tables on essential information that traditionally takes days to put together, or perhaps you may never have even been aware off.

Of course standard analytics such as breaking down prospects by source, by age group, by reason for purchase are standard, but also breaking this data down by prospect post code, status and time to purchase all add far deeper insights that give you amazing levels of understanding on what your prospects, and ultimately buyers, look like, how they are finding you, and why they are choosing you.

Insights are not limited to prospect data of course. Analysis sales rates by your internal and/or external agents, looking at how many properties they sell in a project, perhaps what type of properties they are selling and even how much discounting they are doing.

Need the current gross realisation on your project at anytime? Insights will give you this and again much more.

Need to understand why contracts are falling over? Or perhaps which agents are having the highest fall over rates?

All of this data is available in real time, in graphs or tables, accessible to your entire management team via our exciting Insights BI software.

Insights is another module in the rapidly expanding B-Suite solution, a selection of online software that collectively makes up the Brightfox CRM suite. Brightfox CRM is a fully integrated CRM solution that provides real time information, analytics and sales tools for leading property developers and project marketers around the world.

For a personal demonstration on the Brightfox CRM please contact us.

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