Insights: The better way to view your data

As we continue to roll out our new BrightfoxCRM and our B-Suite modules, a vast array of new and exciting features are becoming available. One of the most exciting is the new ‘Insights’ module, which will completely change the way you access and view project data.

What is Insights?

Insights is the better way to understand what is happening in your business. It is often called business intelligence, we call it Insights.

Insights is a live dashboard reporting tool that takes the data in your BrightfoxCRM and transforms this into data insights that provide your entire team with a deeper understanding of how well your business, and each project, is performing.

In fact, you might say we’re giving you some insight into the success of your projects and business.

Easily monitor your progress or check in on team members by setting up a dashboard for your project. Arrange the dashboard to your liking, changing graph styles and sizes until you’ve got exactly what you want to see.

The limits of what you can track comes down to the information you’ve entered into your BrightfoxCRM application suite. Your dashboards will also be updated in real time, providing the ultimate real time understanding of what is happening in your business.

What sort of information can I view?

With a clean interface, setting up and using Insights is easy as 1, 2, 3. Once you’re logged in, you can get up-to-the-minute data on projects from many different blocks, including the Purchaser Locations block, the Prospects by Source block, and the Availability by Type block.

Want to know where your purchasers are located? Use the Purchaser Locations mapping block. It’s the easiest way to see where your actual buyers are physically located, unlocking data that you’ve always had through the BrighfoxCRM for you to analyse and use for sales and marketing campaigns.

Purchaser Location block

Prospects by Source is the best block for up-to-the-minute data overview on prospects. Don’t wait until the end of the week (or even month) to see where prospects are coming from – pull the information up on your tablet or phone as you walk into a sales meeting so you’re always up to date.

Prospects by Source block

Availability by Type is a quick and easy way to view complex project data. Track sale status live, with values updating in front of your eyes when properties are sold. Keep an eye on how different property types are selling – and have the ability to see when they’re not selling so well so you can adjust your marketing and sales tactics as needed.

Availability by Type block

Tracking purchasers and their timelines is a matter of dropping the right block onto your dashboard – the Project Purchases Timeline block! Know when prospects plan to buy so you can plan your marketing campaigns and get your sales agents back into contact with them at the perfect moment.

Project Purchasers Timeline block

There are many more blocks available on Insights for you to use – the limit is what data you want to track!

Check out Insights today by getting into contact with us at or by giving us a call on (07) 3177 0505.

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