Top Agents say – “It’s Lonely at the top!”

We are already nearing the end of February 2009. So the question is :

“How’s the Real Estate market been treating you – so far?”

Most of the Top Performing Real Estate Agents (some of whom are our clients) we talk to on a regular basis are  saying that the market is great.

In fact they say it’s Fantastic.

This is exactly the opposite of what the press and the real estate industry as a whole are saying, so I have no doubt that many people find this surprising. So the question is why. Why are these leading agents doing so well when most agents are not? The immediate answer we received was – “because there is no competition”.

They (top real estate agents) said that most of their competition was wallowing in misery about the

  • recession
  • property market going down the drain
  • unemployment being high
  • vendors expectations unrealistic
  • etc

Whilst the average Agents are pulling back their spending, these Elite group of Agents are in fact spending more in:

  • investing in better technology,
  • upgrading their websites and expanding online marketing,
  • adopting new systems and procedures to manage their businesses even better.

This reminds me of the advice given by Warren Buffett – “Buy when others are selling and Sell when others buying”. This mantra has been obviously profitable to the World’s Richest Man.

After discussing with these top producers and the rest of the real estate world, we (Brightfox) have decided to launch an educational campaign – 50 Bright Ideas to Kick start your business in 2009..

This will be launching soon, so if you are interested in learning what these Top guns are doing, keep an eye out..

PS: If you want to join the Priority Mailing list so that you can be informed about this launch, send an email to with your contact details.

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