The UAE’s No 1 Property Software now enables Developers and Brokers to spread the NET wider with automated uploading to

Press Release

Brightfox UAE, the leading supplier of CRM and property management software to the property industry, has recently announced a major upgrade to its foxEnterprise software that now automatically sends listing data to the leading UAE Website,

 foxEnterprise is the software choice of UAE’s leading property developers, brokers and property owners. Developed specifically for the needs of the property industry, foxEnterprise manages the complete sales and leasing process.

 “As foxEnterprise captures all of the core sales and marketing information for a property company, it is only natural that it would automatically update the websites of our clients. In many parts of the world we already automatically upload properties for sale and lease to a number of leading Portals, and we have now completed integration with to provide our UAE customers with this same feature” commented Brightfox’s Regional Manager, Mr Mick Bucknell.

 “As a leading website in the region, attracts over 26,000 visitors per day, many of whom are naturally interested in property. Enabling our clients to automatically load their properties for sale or lease onto provides another fantastic marketing channel for them.”

 “This opportunity for Brightfox clients is an example of how progressive companies can take advantage of a changing real estate market to ensure their future. In a buyers market such as Dubai, those companies that want to succeed will be investing in quality content across quality portals.” – Sim Whatley

 If you would like to learn more about using foxEnterprise, visit or contact Brightfox on the details listed below.


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 Mick Bucknell                                       

Regional Manager                     

Phone: +971 50 3970 741                                                         


About Brightfox:

Brightfox is one of the worlds leading providers of IT solutions exclusively tailored to the property industry.  From high-calibre website design to industry specific sales and marketing software, Brightfox creates personalised solutions designed to improve and increase business.  The company enjoys many long-term relationships with successful, forward-thinking organisations throughout Australia, Asia Pacific, USA, the Middle East and Europe. 

Brightfox’s flagship software is foxEnterprise, a high performance software solution created specifically to manage the complete sales and marketing process for property developers, project marketers and real estate agencies.  Brightfox has also developed foxAdvantage – a sales and marketing software solution for individual real estate agents and small property firms.

The bubble has burst, but CRM is a shining light

It’s interesting to be heavily involved here, watching the changes unfolding on the Dubai property landscape. And no I am not talking about the Palms, The World and the other mega projects. The big change on the property landscape here is going on ‘inside’ the developers and real estate brokerages.

The bubble may have burst on the world and UAE property markets, however there are still sales to be made. There is more stock for sale on the market now that at any time in Dubai’s history and there are savvy buyers out there just searching for the right opportunity at the right price.

The big change that we are seeing in the market today is the adaptation of the sales and marketing processes in the leading property firms across the Emirates. Gone are the days of taking orders, the market leaders now understand the need for systemization within their sales and marketing departments to ensure ongoing revenue and survival through these tough times.

We are now seeing a sharp uptake in the implementation of CRM, Sales and Marketing systems across the UAE and broader Gulf region as companies adapt their sales strategies.

Detailed client profiling or “Buyer Matching” as offered by industry benchmark systems such as foxEnterprise give a sustained competitive advantage.

Automated business processes or workflows are now also routinely being implemented as businesses seek never to lose another prospective client.

These tools combined with the power of targeted email and sms marketing campaigns and the increasing effectiveness of property portals such as, and Dubizzle are ensuring that the real estate market in Dubai is still alive and kicking.

If the current trends are anything to go by, then I can only anticipate that the level of uptake of internal CRM and stock management systems, targeted and bulk e-marketing systems and the use of online marketing through websites and portals should go a long way towards seeing many of the existing players in the local property market not only come through this difficult period, but emerge on the other high as much more efficient and competitive real sales and marketing houses.

Web 2.0 continued…communication with clients

Businesses from a myriad of industries are setting up their own Facebook profiles. Facebook is a social networking site with over 64 million users worldwide and specifically designed as a way for people to keep in contact with their friends. However businesses are seeing the potential and are hoping to delve into this market. While the business benefits of networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace are yet to be seen, property developers and real estate firms can still embrace the idea of social networking and apply it in a more business sense.

An innovative method is the communication with clients and/or business partners via secure portals. Portals are one of our specializations that are becoming more frequently requested by our clients. They allow real estate agents, property developers and project marketers to connect online more intimately with their clients and each other.

For example, a property developer that has a large number of external agents working to sell their stock ultimately spends a lot of time emailing and faxing out updated stock lists, pricelists, construction updates, marketing material and so on. But via an agent portal – an external agent can logon to a secure website and access all this information in a live format, as well as viewing their buyers contracts and any commission owing to them, all uploaded by the developer at the click of a button.

Other innovative portals include vendor portals, where vendors can view all activities and inspections conducted on their property by the real estate agent. Another solution is for project marketers to enable developers to view the progress on the sale of their developments, activities and advertising…the possibilities are endless.