Park Residences Interactive iPad Solution for Conrad Properties

As one of Australasia’s leading apartment developers with over 17 years experience in developing successful projects in Australasia (particularly in New Zealand), Conrad Properties approached Brightfox to begin developing interactive iPad solutions for use by their agents in their display suites and by their network of referral agents throughout South East Asia at Seminars and Property Road shows.

Park Residences

With the release of their latest development, Park Residences, Conrad Properties approached Brightfox to develop an interactive iPad solution. Consisting of 225 apartments over 28 floors in the heart of Auckland, Conrad Properties needed a solution that would help showcase the project to prospective purchasers both locally and internationally.

App Layout

The resulting product allows sales agents to take prospective purchasers on a ‘guided tour’ of the project. With image galleries, project video and an interactive rotating 3D model; users are able to not only showcase the development but navigate to specific levels and apartments for more in-depth information including views, floor plans and property details.

With a dedicated and highly successful team along with a myriad of successful projects in various stages of completion, construction & planning; 2014 is looking like a bright year of innovation for both Conrad Properties and Brightfox. To find out more about our interactive iPad and Touch screen solutions visit our website.

Upload Listings straight to from foxAdvantage CRM software

After the successes of its various websites including and, the team at the CarSales Network have turned their attention to the property industry with the introduction of into the mix.

With over a decade of experience and a network of more than 24 classified websites attracting over 14.2 million visits every month, the CarSales Network is sure to make an impact on the property industry with the introduction of this new site.  According to the site, their goal is to lower the cost of real estate advertising in Australia and offer you “an opportunity to extend your buyer and seller reach by listing your properties on for FREE”.

With the cost of advertising on some real estate portals on the rise, we may soon see many people making the switch to this new rival.

For all foxAdvantage users, uploading to is 100% free. There are no extra charges for uploading to additional portals.

foxAdvantage to upload straight to portal

After great demand from users and agents, upgraded to a national search function capability in late 2010.

Along with this improved search function, new site features include improved property short-listing and bigger maps and images in property listings.

As one of Australia’s fastest growing real estate advertising websites, provide a user-friendly website with tools and information for buyers, sellers and renters. With the new features, realestate1 aims to provide an alternative real estate website for browsers designed to be simple, quick and easy to use.

As part of a recent update, users are now able to upload listings automatically to realestate1 from foxAdvantage. This improved functionality will support our many clients’ diverse marketing requirements and help them to remain market leaders.

Start Uploading your listings to REIQ Property Search

With the launch of their new look website the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) is proud to announce the exciting addition of the REIQ Property Search. A Queensland-based listing portal featuring properties from REIQ accredited agencies.

Available at no extra charge, REIQ members need only subscribe to Property Search to begin taking advantage of this wide reaching internet presence.

After being up and running for only two months, already over 19,000 properties are advertised for sale and over 2,000 for rent.  At this rate of uptake, it looks as though the property industry has already given this particular portal a big thumbs up.

Understanding that our clients need to be able to send both wide reaching and diverse marketing, Brightfox is proud to announce that as of June 17th, 2011 our clients will have the ability to simultaneously upload their listing details to sixteen different real estate portals including REIQ Property Search at the click of a button.

Best of all for foxAdvantage users, uploading to the REIQ Portal is 100% free. There are no extra charges for uploading to additional portals.

Brightfox Launch New Mobile Website Service

Brightfox today announce the launch of a new service called R.E.Mobile to build websites compatable with and optimised for viewing over mobile phones. The new R.E.Mobile service makes it very easy and cost effective for any property firm to quickly create a full mobile compatable website within weeks. Brightfox will take the existing content, including dynamic listing data for real estate offices, and build a searchable mobile friendly site that will enable the millions of mobile phone users to visit and search for properties or projects.

For more information on this product, and an example of a R.E.Mobile website, go to

A 3rd wave of foreclosures in the US heralds more bad news for the world economy?

A recent article on MSN Money (link here) by Michael Brush discusses the coming 3rd wave of foreclosures – namely housing distress and foreclosures from prime lenders. These are people who have never come under the banner of  sub-prime mortgagee’s. These loans are thought of as your traditional house mortgage starting with a significant deposit and home owner equity. Economists have been discussing for some time the possibility that these prime borrowers would ultimately come under distress just as sub-prime borrowers have. It would seem that that is now happening.

So what does this mean to the world economy? We are seeing signs that growth in China and India are returning somewhat to previous levels, or so it would seem. The questions remains is that is this growth being driven by underlying demand or the build up of depleted inventory. Once inventory levels return to normal for these companies, growth of any kind will be driven by demand. 

As the US represents almost a quarter of world GDP (reference wikipedia), continued and extended weakness in the US economy, leading to significantly reduced demand, must continue to push down growth rates in all economies, including China and India. Short term stimulus packages driving short term domestic demand will only last so long in these economies.

Further we have the prospect now of interest rate increases in the US. 30 year fixed rate mortgages in the US  are now at 5.45%, up from around 5% in April. This is primarily being driven by concern over the US Bond Market where yeilds have been increasing over the past few months on concern of the US Federal Reserve’s ability to continue purchasing bonds.

There is no doubt the rate of decline in almost all of the benchmarks for the economy is slowing. No doubt they will soon bottom. The question will be however how long until we see real growth again. A turn around to seeing actual growth in employment numbers for example. We then have the specter of interest rate rises being driven by the huge borrowings of governments around the world, immediately stunting any possible growth as it tries to emerge.

So where will this leave us? Some econmists believe that the world ecomony, or at least many of the developed economies, may end up with a Japanese still ‘lost decade’ – long periods of no or very limited growth. Personally I am starting to lean towards a 70’s style era of boom and bust. I can see many economies having an inflation lead boom followed by a series of busts, with quite wild cyclical variations.

Brightfox to host inaugural Customer Focus Session in Dubai

On the 28th of February, Brightfox Middle East will be hosting it’s first Customer Focus Session, at which an expected group of 50 valued Brightfox clients, prospects, vendors and partners will participate.


This group of industry experts will engage in topics of discussion covering effective sales and marketing practices, the use of CRM for hunting and farming, e-marketing channels including sms, email, web and portals, automated business processes and future proofing their technology investments.


A workshop held during the event will enable all participants at the Customer Focus Session play an active role in the future development of Brightfox products as part of an ongoing 360 degree feedback system to unsure that foxEnterprise and foxAdvantage continue to be the leading software applications available in the market.


This event will ensure that Brightfox’s UAE based customers continue to lead the way in the Gulf property market.

Brightfox Australian Office Moves

It’s been a busy week for the Brightfox Australian office in Queensland, with the move to a shiny new premises in Brisbane.

The office is now located at Level 2/ 320 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000.

All phone numbers have remained the same.