Version 6.5 of foxEnterprise Due 1st Quarter

I am pleased to confirm that version 6.5 for foxEnterprise is well underway and is on schedule for release in the first quarter of this year. I will talk more in the future about some of the exciting new features scheduled for this release.

2009 is certainly shaping up to be an interesting year – with property markets around the world in what can only be called a ‘poor’ state, many of our clients, whether they are agents/brokers or developers are certainly, are certainly under a great deal of pressure. What we need to focus on is how we can help our clients – and quite simply is comes down to helping them to get the best from our software and services. All of the functionality required for the most advanced database marketing, customer service and web marketing are all included in foxEnterprise today – the challenge is ensuring that our clients can use these features to generate positive outcomes for their business.

We plan to assist our customers to achieve these positive outcomes in a number of ways:

– access to training. We are extending the training sessions we schedule on a regular basis to ensure that all clients have the opportunity to attend them.

– improved User Manuals and Help Website. We have been investing a lot of time on improving our FAQ, User Manuals and Training Video’s, all available via the Brightfox Help website.

– improved usability. Usability is a big thing for us. In our view, most software today is just too hard to use. In fact many studies have consistently shown that users only utilise approximately 20% of most software applications on a regular basis. The other 80% is in effect just clutter – making the software harder to use than it otherwise could be. The challenge for us, and all software developers, is to make our software powerfully and fully featured but still easy to use. We think both foxEnterprise and foxAdvantage are already very easy to use and are best of class in this regard – but we are committed to making them even easier and you will see much of this in future versions.

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