secure deal with

In a pretty significant annoucement has done a deal with to run the property section of the website.

Going to property on the site will take you to this site – which is similar to how was integrated with It brings content into the site but displays in a separate site to the normal The reason for this is no doubt to give control over advertising on this site, which Domain can not do on its own site for obvious reasons.

This will no doubt significantly increase traffic to, and I think is a very wise move. For many years now I have felt that has not been aggressive enough in competing against This and the ebay deal mark a significant change in strategy and indicates that they are getting serious about trying to take on and not simply remain the distant 2nd portal in Australia.

To catch up to is a big task and it is going to take a lot more than just this deal, but I think it is a real positive and is certainly making me look at in a different light (a more favourable one).

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