Upload Listings straight to homesales.com.au from foxAdvantage CRM software

After the successes of its various websites including carsales.com.au and bikesales.com.au, the team at the CarSales Network have turned their attention to the property industry with the introduction of homesales.com.au into the mix.

With over a decade of experience and a network of more than 24 classified websites attracting over 14.2 million visits every month, the CarSales Network is sure to make an impact on the property industry with the introduction of this new site.  According to the site, their goal is to lower the cost of real estate advertising in Australia and offer you “an opportunity to extend your buyer and seller reach by listing your properties on homesales.com.au for FREE”.

With the cost of advertising on some real estate portals on the rise, we may soon see many people making the switch to this new rival.

For all foxAdvantage users, uploading to homesales.com.au is 100% free. There are no extra charges for uploading to additional portals.

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