Changes to Google Search Algorithm – will it affect real estate

Google have just announced a major change to the way they their search works. Basically the changes are designed to ensure more current information is given priority in search results.

Sounds like a good idea, particularly if they can deliver updates (as they suggest in their article) within minutes of publication on the web.

So what relevance would this have for real estate online?

I immediately thought of Auctions. I wonder is this is smart enough to grab upcoming Auctions only and display the relevant page data.

So I went and did some simply searches a few minutes ago. Below you can see the results from a search on keywords ‘property for auction in bulimba’.

As you can see the first line item is a link with a heading refering to Sat, 8 October. Not a good start. The link itself works fine. The REA site is smart enough to link me to Auctions coming this Saturday, but that is not the point here. The point is is that the Google Algorithm change was not smart enough to figure out that the data in their data (the heading and summary) was less relevant by date them other data.

Going further down the results we get bettter results though. See the record for the auctiopn due on 24th November.

Further down the results though you can see another entry for 18th June.

So all in all what has changed? Hard to say as I did not run this search yesterday before they ran the upgrade but certainly from an Auction search results perspective not great results.

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