Understand your clients and communicate better!

In previous blogs we have talked about how you can keep track of all your past customers and the people you meet every day.

In this blog we will look at trying to understand what they want!

There’s no point in you having boxes and boxes of business cards from as far back as 1989 if you have no clue where you met the people they belong to, what you discussed with them and what they were looking for.

I hope after reading and taking action on our last few posts, you will no longer have boxes of business cards, or excel spreadsheets filled with people’s names and contact details. I am sure you will have pulled the plug and done some research and implemented a specific CRM system for your business.

Now let’s look at segmenting these people into manageable sections.

  • Some of these people might have talked to you about buying their first home.
  • Some of them may have said that they can only afford to buy for less than $450K.
  • Some of them might have said that they already have 3 properties and may be looking at buying some more or may even be selling 1 or 2, if the price is right.
  • Some of them might just be local business leaders you met at the Chamber of Commerce and they may even consider referring new business your way, etc.

Can you see where I am going with this? When you add a new person into your CRM system, you will need to have thought through which category or categories that person will fit into. This is going to be extremely effective when you send out targeted marketing materials.

Now why do you need to send out targeted emails as opposed to just sending the same emails to everyone?

Well, as the saying goes, even if you get the highest quality Grade A steak lovingly cooked by a world renowned chef, when you put it in front of a vegetarian he or she is still not going to eat it. Are they?

The same applies to your prospects as well.  If you keep sending email messages that are not targeted to what they want, they are going to see you and your marketing material to be more of a nuisance/spam rather than a helpful service provided for their benefit.

This simple point is extremely vital for your success (online or otherwise) and that’s why we take great care and spend hours working with our clients to see how they want to segregate/categorize their customers/prospects/etc, to effectively market and get more business.

For example, one of our client’s categorised their prospect list as follows:

  • Buyers under $350K.
  • Buyers between $350 – 500K, etc.
  • Buyers for apartments with ocean views.
  • Buyers for apartments close to ocean views, etc.

What we have seen and learnt from the best agent’s is that they have a system that they follow without fail, especially when it comes to adding new prospects to their database, segmenting them and marketing to them on a regular basis.

All we are recommending is for you to refine your system or create a new system that will help you convert this routine task into a habit, just like you have converted the activity of driving a car into a habit.

One of the additional benefits of categorising your database is that it will be a fantastic marketing tool for you to get more listings.

Imagine this, you get a call from a prospective vendor and they say, “I am looking to list a property with ocean views”. Now, even before you start talking about anything else, all you need to do is jump into your categories and check the number of people who are in your database specifically looking for this kind of property. And you tell the vendor, I have just over 175 people looking for your property.

Will that make them want to list with you or walk down to your competitor who says, “we have a database, but we don’t really know exactly how many are looking at something similar to your property”?

When the vendor lists with you (which invariably happens to quite a few of our customers, as they have the right data at their finger tips) the first thing, even before advertising or putting it on realestate.com.au, is to select everyone in this category and send out hundreds or even a thousand emails to your database of buyer’s who are looking for that exact property. Just imagine how fast the property will be sold!

Action Plan:

  • Go through your last 12 month’s sales and see what kind of categories/segments you can create
  • Implement these into your CRM and go through the list of people in your CRM and categorise them. If you don’t know which category a prospect/client falls into, then it’s a good time for you to give them a call to chat and understand what they are looking for. If the number of calls you need to make is huge, get your assistant or hire temporary staff to call and update this information as this will be extremely valuable in the current market.
  • Develop a Customer Registration Form and carry them in your folders and give them to your entire team so that they can get as much information they can from a prospective buyers anytime.

If you haven’t looked at our CRM systems as yet, I urge you to contact us for an obligation free online demo.

As always, please let us know your feedback on this or any other idea, as your feedback helps us to continuously improve these strategies.


Brightfox Plug!
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