taking private listings

A couple of interesting articles are circulating the web on the announcement that (Australia’s second most popular portal) will be accepting the upload of listings from the private seller site In this post a number of agents question why Domain would do this and how it will give a benefit to their major competitor See here.

I know agents have a vested interest in restricting the level of enquiry a private seller can get, but do they really expect marketing websites such as Domain not to take private listings? After all Fairfax (owner of Domain) have taken and continue to take private advertisements in their Newspapers so why would the website be any different.

It makes sense to have as much content on a Portal as possible so adding private sales, and increasing the depth of listings, can only help.

The real question here is how does a portal such as Domain reward its loyal trade customers i.e real estate agents? In every business model a loyal repeat customer is rewarded with discounted pricing, better service or a better product. If Domain is going to take private sales then they had better make sure they look after their core customer base and reward them appropriately.

I am sure all agents would be happy for Domain to take private listings if they (Domain) offered them (the Agent) something of value that a Private Seller could not obtain direct from Domain.

A few ideas could be:

– customer email alerts restricted to agent listings

– featured listings for just agents

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