World’s Leading Property Software Now Available in Jordan

The World’s leading Property Software for Real Estate Agent’s and Developers is now available in Jordan!

Brightfox is proud to introduce their newest Brightfox Valued Partner, Buniahtech!

This is a very exciting development, not only for Brightfox, but for Real Estate Agents and Developer’s in Jordan as they now have local access to the world’s leading property software. Brightfox, the leading supplier of CRM and property management software to the global property industry, currently has 2 Valued Partner’s operating in the U.A.E and are excited about adding to their growing list of international Partner’s and clients.

Mr. Mohammad Al Saafeen, Managing Director of Buniahtech said “We are very pleased to bring Brightfox’s leading property solutions to Jordan. Our experience with their products in other Middle Eastern markets such as Dubai has shown the tremendous positive impact these systems can have and Jordan’s real estate agencies are in prime position to also reap benefits from these modern business solutions.” He added that “our first Amman based client is already seeing great successes. Edraj has been using foxEnterprise, Brightfox’s premiere platform since emerging onto the Jordan real estate market in 2007. Both the internal business systems and the integrated website content management have proved highly effective in growing Edraj’s business and providing first rate services to their entrusted clientele.”

Michael Bucknell, Regional Manager for Brightfox Middle East was in Amman, Jordan, this past week for the contract signing. “I am very happy to have forged this new relationship with Buniahtech” he stated, continuing “Brightfox is expanding our presence across the Middle East and we see Jordan as a key market in this region.

We look forward to working with Buniahtech to provide cutting edge solutions to real estate agents and property developers in Jordan and to growing our relationship to incorporate other projects over the coming years.”

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