Broadband Internet User Penetration Rising – What does this mean for website development?

The OECD has released the rate of broadband internet usage around the world. It is increasing as one would expect.

Visit this link on The Economist website for a short but concise analysis of the OECD Report –

What is the relevance of this for building websites for the property industry? With an average of around 25% of people having broadband, websites still need to be optimised for dial up speeds – which means limiting the use of slow to load multimedia sites. Some use of flash and video is a must, but this report reminds us that we are a long way away from a world where everyone view websites that with live streaming video or deeply immersive multimedia. These types of sites should still be restricted to niche segements of the market where adoption of broadband is much higher than the average – such as sites for IT professionals.

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