Online Real Estate Searches on the rise!


Based on a research we did on Google (see image below) the online activity by prospective buyers and sellers during the Christmas – New Year period went up – significantly.





Whilst most agents were busy with their time away with friends, family and loved ones, the prospective client (buyer / seller) was busy doing their own research on what properties to buy (and from whom) or which agent to use to list their properties with, etc..


The scary thing is – majority of these decisions were just being made from your websites and not from talking with you or looking at the fancy brochures or actual shop fronts.


Those Agents who have an online shop front that is professional, provides valuable information, easy search functionality, etc (see some great examples of professional websites) would have had a significant upper hand as compared to those who have less than acceptable websites.


With around 87% of Australian home buyers/sellers now using the Internet as part of their research process (Nielsen Australian Property Report 2008), isn’t it time that you invested a little more energy into your online marketing machine?


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