Revolutionizing Technical Support

The rise of the internet has made the world a smaller place and has revolutionized the way we conduct business, not only in the real estate industry, but in nearly every facet of our lives. Through the internet; we can communicate and share information as never before and companies are able to distribute software products globally with ease, creating client bases which may consist of many different cultures, languages and transcend a number of time zones.

These changes in software implementation and increased access of software via the internet give rise to the need for many companies to also revolutionise their technical support processes to meet the changing nature of their client base. Traditional technical support via telephone may no longer be sufficient enough to cater to the needs of clients who may be half a world away.

The global-wide distribution of a product demands software companies to develop new, innovative ways to cater for their growing, multicultural clients. At Brightfox, we recognise the changing needs in our industry and have implemented a number of innovative ways to assist our ever-growing base of international clients.

Our flagship product, foxEnterprise, comprises of a comprehensive Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) database which is accessible to all users through the program itself. Brightfox also maintains a password protected help website complete with instructional videos for foxEnterprise clients. Through these mediums, foxEnterprise users all over the world are able to gain the information they need at their fingertips.

foxAdvantage 2007 boasts a support section comprising not only of a searchable FAQ database and training videos but also a number of other features which further streamline the technical support process for our clients and increase communication with our clients. Clients may lodge a support case directly from foxAdvantage 2007 and can track the progress of any active support cases they have at the click of a mouse.

Brightfox understands the changing needs of our clients in an increasingly global marketplace. We strive to meet these needs by applying new, innovative technical support methods alongside traditional technical support models to produce outstanding results for our clients across the globe.