A Blueprint for Growth

foxEnterprise is the platform of choice for the world’s leading property developers, project marketers and real estate firms. It is the only enterprise-level marketing system designed specifically for the property industry.

Combining the best features of many systems like CRM, Sales Automation, Financial Management and Website Management into a single platform; foxEnterprise captures, processes and presents the knowledge your people need to make informed decisions and get results.  Your whole company, thinking as one…

With the vision and strength to connect multiple office locations, hundreds of staff, business partners from around the globe and thousands of clients into a single unified system- foxEnterprise is the solution you need to grow your business

Get closer to your clients
A powerful contact management system means you’ll never lose another client…

Exceed your sales expectations
Better manage your projects, resources and operations…

Make better, more informed strategic decisions
foxEnterprise gives you the tools to make effective, informed decisions.  Gain greater visibility across your whole enterprise

Features and benefits
What can foxEnterprise do for your business?  Find out why so many professionals worldwide are selling faster and smarter than ever before

Inside the technology
Find out about foxEnterprise software and how it will work within your organisation

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